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Prayer Shawl Ministry

KIDS HOPE AUS is a World Vision sponsored ministry aimed at creating a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable Australian children and their families. It is a mentoring program built on a long-term partnership between local churches and primary schools, where a caring adult from the church spends one hour each week with a child.

Mission Statement: Builds caring relationships...one child, one hour, one church, one school.

Belief: We believe in Jesus' way.

The idea is simple, but the results can change lives. The importance of positive human relationships in children's lives cannot be overstated. They are the essential building blocks for healthy development. Yet many Australian children lack significant one-to-one relationships with a caring adult, other than their parents. These children need someone who believes in them and won't let them down; someone who is responsive to their needs, feelings and interests; someone who encourages than and gives them hope.

KIDS HOPE AUS represents an opportunity for the church to demonstrate itself as being valuable and provides a compassionate way for a local church to reach out into the community as well as build a long-term relationship with a local school.

We Value:

Children because every child matters.
Relationships because love is only possible person to person.
Faithfulness because if I say I will, I will.
Prayer because it is our language of hope.

H: Helping to meet the emotional, social and academic needs of at-risk children by giving them a one-to-one relationship with a mentor from a church.

O: Owned by our church. This is our ministry to children and families in our neighbourhood.

P: Prayer is the foundation for our work. A behind-the-scenes prayer partner from our church prays for each adult-child relationship.

E: Early primary school years are our focus. These children need the most mentoring because they are at that critical time when values are formed, self-esteem is developed and critical academic skills must be acquired.

Why does KIDS HOPE AUS succeed?

  • Lives are changed
  • It's a proven model: one child, one hour, one church, one school

If you believe you can help with the program at St John's, please contact Kathy Ferguson or call the Church Office