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Church in Society

Overall Objective and Purpose:

To improve our understanding of what it means to be the church in our society and to respond accordingly

Specific purposes:

  • To consider and promote discussion about social and ecumenical issues in relation to the faith, including sponsorship of occasional Church in Society forums at St John's

  • To provide support and encouragement for current mission and outreach activities within St John's that address the needs of people in our local, national and international community

  • To identify ways in which St John's might better respond to the communities of which we are a part and facilitate, support or decide to undertake new initiatives, if appropriate

  • To make recommendations to Church Council about how St John's may respond to specific social and ecumenical issues, including appeals for donations or allocations through St john's budget for mission and outreach activities

  • To follow up matters referred by the Committee by Church Council

  • Particular areas of responsibility:

    • Evangelism
    • Kid's Hope
    • Inter-church groups
    • Inter-church Council
    • Congregational Dinner
    • Mission
    • Outreach
    • Outreach donation allocation
    • Social Issues - e.g. Asylum Seekers

    Committee Membership

    Margery Kennett (Convenor)
    Fran Brooke
    Kathy Ferguson
    Judy Franklin
    Caroline Rooke
    Lesieli Tauali'i